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How Environmental Factors Affect Asphalt Pavement?

We invest lots of money & time during asphalt pavement construction. Therefore, you must ensure that you get quality work with maximum durability. Environmental factors can majorly affect pavement installation performance and generate serious issues.


Usually, the environment varies globally, which means it can be different in various places. Therefore, this environment may impact the pavement materials and the underlying subgrade affecting pavement performance directly. The main parameters associated with environmental impact are frost, moisture, and temperature action. 

Let’s discuss every point thoroughly.

1. Temperature

Temperature can directly affect the pavement in many ways, as hot temperatures cause the expansion in asphalt pavement, causing cracks. These cracks allow water to penetrate, leading to eroding asphalt pavement layers. As a result, you may experience an unsightly appearance.   

During winter, cold temperatures or below-freezing temperatures may result in cracking pavement. When the water goes inside through the cracks, the water reaches a frozen state due to severe cold, resulting in significant expansion and further splits. When the ice starts melting, the water goes deeper into the cracks again in a frozen state. If this cycle keeps continuing, it may cause potholes in the pavement.  

2. Precipitation

Water can cause severe damage to the asphalt pavement, and the moisture may loosen the sturdiness of the material affecting its durability. The oil separates from the asphalt when water accumulates on the pavement surface. Usually, it happens during precipitation, causing the asphalt to shrink, water seeping into the cracks to cause extensive extension in low temperatures, and the maturation of cracks. 

Usually, there is no significant impact of light rain on asphalt pavement. The issues occur due to the improper drainage system and waterlogging. Every rainy season, the water accumulates, damaging the pavement. 

3. Traffic and Vehicle Loads

The exposure of asphalt pavement to heavy traffic may cause a bend in the pavement, which can break over time. If the pavement bears heavy traffic daily or a load of heavy vehicles frequently, it may lead to stress. This ongoing process may destroy the asphalt pavement. 

Why is the Maintenance of asphalt so Important?

Follow the routine maintenance rules to enhance the durability of the pavement. So, monitor your asphalt pavement to notice any damage or destruction timely before it goes out of control. 

We have discussed some essential pavement preservation methods that are necessary to follow, such as;


An uneven pavement can cause a threat, be it a sidewalk, middle of the road, or driveway. Therefore, following quality asphalt maintenance rules protects potential vehicle injury damage risks.  


The repair cost may be prohibitive if the damage is extensively severe. If you repair the small crack in time, you may control the damage and the waste of money.  

Increased lifespan

If you follow the asphalt pavement maintenance correctly, you will notice enhanced durability for a long time, and it will help save you money & time as well. 

Curb appeal 

If you have cracks & potholes in your asphalt pavement, it won’t look decent, and people may not want to visit your place. Therefore, it is necessary to have a welcoming appearance surrounding your pavement to avoid the possibility of the reduced resale value of your site. 

Eventually, the asphalt pavement will start damaging due to weather elements like snow, rain, heat, or frequent usage. When we follow the proper maintenance rules, we ensure the safety of our asphalt pavement, avoiding further damage and sidestepping extra expenditure for the long term.


In the following paragraphs, we have discussed everything that affects the durability & functionality of asphalt pavements. We also discussed the adverse effects of continual wheel load over the pavement. Though the professionals design & construct the pavement to shift loads, eventually, the pavement gets damaged, especially in cold weather. 

Hire professional contractors from Central Florida Paving to get quality services for the construction, repairs, and maintenance of asphalt surfaces. We ensure to deliver the top quality asphalt surfaces that remain longer. For more information, contact us today.

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