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Some Easy Steps to Asphalt Maintenance

You must want well-maintained & crack-free Asphalt paving with smooth coating and crisp lines offering an attractive look to any property. Asphalt is a widely used material which durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly. Once you have well-maintained asphalt paving, people will love to visit your place. Suppose you want to keep your asphalt surface in excellent condition for a long time. In that case, you must follow the asphalt maintenance tips given by professionals.

However, the maintenance of asphalt paving includes some crucial but easy steps, discussed below;

What are the different steps used to repair & maintain the asphalt surfacing?

A well-maintained asphalt surface requires few to repair or maintain it, such as;

Step-wise Asphalt resurfacing maintenance process:


Asphalt maintenance may consist of some different things, like repainting the lines. It is one of the most basic requirements of asphalt maintenance. Professionals may repaint it using white, yellow, or different colors to draw various parking spots. 


It is an essential part of extensive repairs as eliminating the dirt is a significant part while you are considering its maintenance professionals.


Fixing potholes and cracks is part of the minor maintenance you must execute on asphalt pavement. This step includes the filling of potholes & cracks using fresh Asphalt. You must let it dry to avoid any opened gaps on the upper surface of your asphalt pavement. 


It is one of the most critical steps of asphalt maintenance. Sealcoating over the asphalt surface can protect it from penetrating the water eliminating the chances of minor damages. 

Typically, you may require seal coating within three to five years to enhance the durability of the asphalt surface. Professionals sweep & clean the surface at first, apply more coats of sealants to the asphalt surface and let it dry. 

This sealant can act as a barrier between the asphalt pavement and the surface so that water can not enter. You can understand the importance of seal coating by knowing that once it wears off, it may become vulnerable to moisture intrusion. 


Resurfacing is the most important and prominent part of asphalt repair. Generally, it includes a similar procedure as the repair of cracks & potholes. However, professionals perform it on the whole surface of the Asphalt. 

Professionals recommend this method when your asphalt surface is left without a “resurfacing” procedure for around ten years. Once the professionals complete resurfacing, they will apply more sealants and lines to strengthen and enhance its durability.

What are helpful maintenance tips?

Regular asphalt maintenance is vital to keep the Asphalt durable & to maintain its quality. Improper upkeep can cause immature erosion resulting in accidents. Therefore, you must follow preventive measures before the asphalt surface gets wrecked. Here we have discussed some helpful tips to maintain the quality of the asphalt surface, such as;


Oxidation can cause due to direct exposure to sun rays and oxygen. It can create a binder in the Asphalt and destroy its material, making it brittle and more liable to cracking or chipping. If you witness a change in the color of the asphalt surface, it is the primary sign of oxidation. If the asphalt color is grey or brown, it may be a sign of oxidation. 

After installation, you can avoid this situation by applying a bitumen-based sealant on the asphalt surface. This material will provide a shield layer for the Asphalt. 


Water is one of the leading causes of the destruction of the asphalt surface. It is so because if the asphalt surfaces become wet regularly, water will penetrate them, making them soften to chip or crack. Eventually, it may turn to depressions on the pavement, developing potholes.


Gas or spills on Asphalt may make the Asphalt weaker, and it is so because gas and oil can directly impact the binder of the surface, making it more fragile to crack. If you don’t fix this issue immediately, you may face severe consequences like a brittle or cracked asphalt surface.

You can consult professionals to know more accurate details regarding the maintenance of asphalt surfaces.

Central Florida Paving has a team of expert professionals who will save you valuable time and money by assisting you throughout the process of asphalt maintenance. They will repair your asphalt surface proficiently if they find any apparent damage and instruct you to maintain it in an excellent state for long periods. Contact us today. 

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