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What Equipments Are Required In Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt is a semi-solid sticky, black, and highly viscous liquid form of petroleum found in the deep of nature. Most companies use this material to construct parking lots, roads, pavements, etc. Since this material is highly durable & cost-effective, professionals have been using this material a lot in construction work. Also, asphalt is an eco-friendly material that is entirely recyclable and reusable. 

Are you looking for a new carpeting installation, building a deck, or remodeling a home? You must hire professional contractors with quality equipment & services. Additionally, contractors use various equipment to complete the installation work, like building new pavement. We have classified the equipment into five categories: milling machines, dump trucks, rollers, and pavers. 

Different types of machines: 


It is also referred to as a stabilizer with a large rotating blade. Usually, professionals use it for pulverizing and cutting old pavement. To stabilize soil, they may mix ash, cement, and fly, which must be drained effectively.  

Milling Machines:

Milling machines are precise and powerful grinders that help eliminate existing asphalt pavement to complete asphalt resurfacing jobs. Though, milling machines also eliminate existing pavement involving the base layers. Even they can cut rumble strips into existing or new pavements.  

Moreover, the milling process includes preparing a rough and grooved surface that helps increase the pavement area. You can install automatic grade control on milling machines to restore transverse and longitudinal grades. Moreover, the milling help produces a skid-resistant and durable surface.


Professionals may use graders instead of milling machines if the foundation includes gravel or dirt. The machine consists of large blades to produce a flat surface on which they are about to install the asphalt. 


After milling or using graders, the professionals clean the road immediately to remove the pieces of small rocks and pebbles; otherwise, they can fly up and hit the car windshields. Also, it can cause irregular compaction to the asphalt. Therefore, after the milling process, the sweeper must clean the surface. 

Dump Trucks:

These trucks transport hot asphalt from the manufacturing plants to the job site. There are different types of dump trucks to perform the different tasks related to asphalt paving. 

Some common dump trucks are defined below;

Bottom Dump

Bottom dump trucks’ other names are belly dump trucks, which help release the loads from the bottom instead of functioning like traditional dump trucks. The machines have sloped internal walls that help asphalt come out using the opened gates. 

End Dump

These trucks lift the front end to slide down the asphalt through the bottom of the bed. This device is made up of aluminum to minimize its weight. It allows releasing bigger loads of rough material for getting better payloads.

Live Bottom

Dump trucks with live bottoms, often known as flo-boys, unload their payload using a conveyor system at the base of their beds. Without lifting the bed, the professionals unload Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) from the truck. Due to the conveyor system, these vehicles are more expensive to run and maintain. Still, to reduce the segregation issues, push ou the HMA  largely.  They can also eliminate several potential truck bed paver contact types because they can’t lift bed during the unloading phase,

Asphalt Pavers

These devices use a floating screed and are formless laydown devices. When professionals load the device, several flight feeders carry the asphalt mixture from the front to the back. A screed is used to level the asphalt mixture after professionals disperse it using several augers.


Technicians use the paver screed and steel wheeled rolling to compact the asphalt. They apply adequate weight to the asphalt surface to compress the asphalt. You can reduce your equipment speed and increase contact times to increase compression. If you want to increase compression, you can use heavier equipment.

Material Transfer Vehicles

The MTVs assist the paver with the acceptance of the asphalt mixture. Although most pavers can receive asphalt mixture from live bottom trucks or end dumps, it is best to use Material Transfer Vehicles when necessary. Moreover, it has many advantages, including increased surge volume, reduced truck wait time, lower temperature differentials, and minimized aggregate segregation.

Why Do Asphalt Contractors Need Rollers?

Before the asphalt cools, a contractor for paving streets or parking lots will compact it with one or more rollers. This kind of machinery may be referred to as a compactor. 

Pneumatic tire rollers and steel-wheeled rollers are the two fundamental types. A durable asphalt pavement that offers a comfortable, secure ride and a beautiful surface must be compacted. Compaction aims to remove the air bubbles from the asphalt mix to make the pavement denser and stronger. Compaction can result in the lumpy pavement, an uneven surface, and a much shorter life for the pavement.

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