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How Long Can You Expect Asphalt Pavement To Last?

Numerous factors affect how long asphalt pavement lasts. Adequate maintenance and upkeep are the most critical factors in increasing the lifespan of asphalt pavement. Asphalt pavement should endure between twenty to thirty years if you maintain it properly.

How Does Weather Affect Pavement Durability?

Primarily, continual changes in climate affect Asphalt pavement early failure. Pavement may crack in hot, dry environments, and Moisture can collect beneath the pavement in humid, damp locations, weakening it. Water below the pavement from leaking pipes or a rising water table can weaken it so it can no longer hold the weight of moving vehicles. 

The pavement may also deteriorate due to improper surface water drainages, such as that brought on by runoff or heavy rains. Water can freeze both above and below the pavement, which can cause any cracks to grow and lead to premature failure.

How Does Negligence Affect Pavement Durability?

Negligence is the most frequent cause of premature asphalt pavement replacement. As soon as cracks occur, the professionals fill & seal the cracks to prevent water from collecting underneath the pavement and damaging the base and structure. Repairing worn-out sections before they fail can save money on future, more expensive repairs. Another strategy to save money is to fill potholes while they are still minor.

Maintenance Increases Pavement Life

Asphalt seal coating is one of the greatest ways to safeguard asphalt pavement. Asphalt is typically coated twice to protect it from the harm that the sun, salt, oil, gas, and water may do. Applying seal coating can provide a rich, black finish asphalt while improving its aesthetic appearance. 

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Asphalt rejuvenator protects the asphalt while improving the appearance of the surface. Moreover, rejuvenators can replenish Asphalt oil, and the asphalt is hence more durable and less prone to cracking. A single treatment can last between three and five years, and the pavement can sometimes last twice as long.

Asphalt is known for its toughness if you maintain its continual renewal. Though, removing the old pavement to apply the fresh one is compulsory. Therefore, proper maintenance can help avoid major asphalt pavement issues. According to the experts, inspecting every asphalt for seal coating is necessary to create it weatherproof. 

If you notice any visible fissures need to be sealed right away. Consider resurfacing the top layer as soon as possible if there is more severe damage to stop it from worsening.

What Can Affect Asphalt Durability?

Water can create potholes on the top layers of the asphalt surface. When water penetrates the pavement, it deteriorates the region and wears it down. Maintaining wear and tear and cracks and ensuring adequate regional grading can help prevent this. Water should never be draining onto your asphalt surface.

Exposure to the Sun and Extreme Heat

Like most materials, intense heat and sunlight can impact asphalt pavement. Although you can’t stop this from happening, you can make sure you’re performing routine maintenance to prevent it. To find out what you should be doing and how often, speak to someone knowledgeable about the climate in your area.

Before you realize it, the tree’s roots encroach on your sub-base as it expands. Your pavement may start to break once that takes place. Ask your contractor about any nearby trees when picking a paver area so that you can determine whether there will be a problem or not.

As you can see, most issues with asphalt durability may be avoided with the right contractor and routine maintenance.

Does asphalt degrade over time?

Asphalt starts to deteriorate right away. After 3 to 5 years, significant degradation can start to occur even under typical circumstances. After this period, it is typical for asphalt to start turning grey, becoming brittle, and crumbling.

Which type of pavement is stronger?

Concrete road surfaces can endure up to 25 years longer than asphalt. Both surfaces could last up to 40 years with good maintenance, although concrete will require less upkeep.


Finally, you may influence how long your asphalt will last. The longevity of your asphalt will be significantly reduced if you don’t schedule routine maintenance, disregard cracks and potholes, and treat your surface carelessly. However, you can extend your surface’s life if you commit to maintaining your asphalt. 

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