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How to Remove Oil Stains From an Asphalt Driveway?

Asphalt driveway oil stains are not just ugly; they can also be tracked into your home or car. Cleaning up a food spill on your kitchen floor is not similar to remove oil stains from your asphalt driveway. Instead, you must alter your strategies and employ more power with the chemicals that efficiently break up the oil.

A well-kept parking lot speaks volumes about your company and demonstrates your concern for the little things. Knowing that you will take care of them like you take care of your parking lot provides your consumers and clients an extra sense of security.

The oil spot in the driveway appears absurd, doesn’t it? It is not entirely false, though.

How to remove oil stains from an asphalt driveway?

The exterior of your building and the neighborhood around it affects how others see you, much like the cover of a book. The proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover” is well known. Still, people keep doing it. It’s just the way things are. You only have one chance to produce a good one, so you must do it well. Who wants their company to suffer from a filthy parking lot? So, act quickly if you see an oil stain on your parking surface.

The following are the guidelines for removing oil stains from asphalt driveways:

  • As an absorbent, use baking soda.
  • Pressure washing done at home will remove the spots.
  • For extra strength, use a reputable pressure cleaning firm.
  • Use a green degreaser to scrub.
  • Clean the oven with spraying.
  • To absorb oil, use cat litter or granular clay.
  • Try WD-40 or another penetrating oil.

The answer to “how to get oil off the driveway?” lies in the following methods mentioned below: 

Here are ten original methods for getting rid of oil stains on asphalt:

1. Liquid soap and water: 

Use a liquid soap and water solution to emulsify a fresh oil stain. As a result, the asphalt won’t become stained by the oil drying off. The soap surrounds tiny grease droplets and does not allow them to conge into a solid.

It will not remove the oil altogether but will make complete stain removal significantly more accessible. Once more, this approach works best with recent oil spills. Hire Pavers In Florida to get a smooth driveway. 

2. Cat Litter: 

Start by wiping up any extra oil. Then use a bag of cat litter to conceal the oil stain. Starting trampling on the cat litter will help absorb the oil. Overnight, leave the cat litter outside. Then return the following morning, collect the cat litter, and get rid of the trash. Keep in mind that the cat litter is now biohazardous because it contains oil.

Kitty litter works best on moist surfaces; it won’t remove stubborn oil stains.

3. Baking soda: 

Baking soda works incredibly well to absorb extra oil. Scrub the oil stain with a stiff brush after adding baking soda. After letting the baking soda stay for 30 minutes, rinse it away with a hose.

4. Coca-Cola: 

You can use Coca-cola to remove driveway stains. Clean up any extra oil first. Next, pour a few cans of coke upon an oil stain, and let the soda sit there for the next day. After that, use a fresh cloth to clean the area.

Although not the most acceptable way to get rid of oil stains, this is cheap. So instead of switching to more expensive options, why not try?

5. Steam pressure washing: 

As the oil is removed under pressure, the heat from the steam will liquefy it.

It is one of the best ways to get rid of oil stains!

6. Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP): 

Exercise caution when using this chemical. Create a paste first by mixing water and TSP. Now, apply the paste to the oil stain using a scrub brush. After letting the paste sit for 30 minutes to absorb the oil, rinse it off.

7. Laundry detergent: 

Scrub the stain with a firm brush, add water, and sprinkle on the powdered laundry detergent. Let the mixture set for at least 30 minutes. After that, scrub the surface!

8. Industrial Degreasers: 

Industrial degreasers for asphalt surfaces work by converting the oil into a biodegradable material that is secure for your driveway and the environment.


Any driveway looks better with asphalt. Your home may look cleaner, sharper, and more put together for all of your neighbors to see with proper care. Avoid allowing oil stains to detract from its appearance and provide safety risks. To keep your driveway looking brand new, use our procedures to remove any stains.

Call Central Florida Paving Services immediately if you need assistance maintaining or restoring your asphalt parking lot to ensure your driveway is in top shape. We are equipped to handle your asphalt demands because we have been Minnesota’s top asphalt contractor for several years.


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