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Remember a Few Things Before Paving a Parking Lot.

Quality parking is one of the commercial areas’ most essential and basic needs. Thankfully, there are well-built constructed parking lots in the commercial building completing the goal of giving access to the vehicles of the customers and the employees without any stress. 

Suppose you are considering revamping the existing parking lot for your business. In that case, you must take care of various things like designing, parking lot material options, labour and much more. You must consider a professional company with years of experience in asphalt paving for new roadways, athletic fields, parking lots and trails, etc. Go through the following valuable tips before parking Lot Resurfacing Near Me, such as;

1. Moisture

Moisture is a significant threat to parking lot asphalt paving, especially when you are planning to install it. If you are getting issues due to the moisture, you better plan the Project when there is the least rain in the year. Also, have proper drainage or slope to allow the water to run off the surface to restrict water pooling. Our paving experts ensure that the drainage is appropriate or not on every Project to avoid any further issues. 

2. Identify the purpose of your lot

The parking lot’s design is prepared for the purpose you are getting it done. First, determine the purpose of the parking lot paving, like whether the paving is for a retail parking location for busy Sundays or to hold the daily truck loading for large shipments. You need to determine the size, thickness and overall layout before execution of the construction plan in real.  

Asphalt parking lot size: 

If you run a business, you may need more parking lot spaces. Some industries determine the space based on the facility’s square footage or the recommendations based on rooms and seats in a hotel. 

Pavement thickness: 

Determine the pavement thickness depending on the weight your asphalt paving will hold. More oversized vehicles like loading trucks may need extra depth for the paving surface. The traffic class with subgrade soil class underneath the pavement will help determine the thickness of your pavement. Also, it will decide the durability of your pavement.  

Parking space angles:  

Experts recommend that individuals align the pavements at around forty-five to sixty degrees for an ideal parking lot. Such alignment with driving aisles offers a convenience store parking lot. Moreover, avoid ninety-angled parking spaces as they may be most challenging to park in, so they are often reserved for employee parking or overnight parking.   

3. Prepare the Site

Get a solid subgrade foundation to support or hold an asphalt pavement structure. It is so because that weak subgrades with poor drainage may minimize the durability of the pavement due to unexpected distresses. 

4. Do the math: Sizing and Spacing:

The dimensions of commercial parking lot standards may vary significantly between cities, building types, and industries. Follow these guidelines to know the size of the area of pavement required to cover.

Figure out the number of spaces: Calculate the parking spaces you are looking for. Once you know the total number of spaces needed to fit into the parking area, you may determine the other parking amenities, such as two-way barrier gates.  

Determine parking slot size: 

Consider the size of the parking spaces while knowing the reason for getting parking spaces. The standard length of the parking lot is Nine by 19 feet for public-use parking slots. However, not all spaces are the same size; they may be reserved for particular conditions, like giving access to disabled people. 

Other uses for extra space: 

Do you need parking spaces for additional functions like a truck-loading zone? Or For a school parking zone. First, determine these essential things before deciding the ideal size of your asphalt pavement. 

What Blend is ideal for your Project?

Asphalt can be produced using several aggregates, liquid, and additive combinations. This enables adaptability in many applications. Use an asphalt mixture for fine-graded parking lot needs. This gives the pavement a smoother and more attractive appearance by preventing moisture from permeating the surface.

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