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Why Resurfacing A driveway A good Idea?

Driveways in your house serve majorly enhance properties’ function and style. Suppose you have a cracked driveway in your space; how would it look? It can reduce the value of your property. Therefore, it is vital to have a well-maintained driveway to boost the appearance and crup appeal of your home.

Moreover, a cracked driveway can offer difficulty walking along, and you may get injured if the cracks are larger. So, if you want to replace, patch, or resurface a driveway, collect all the necessary details before getting professional services. 

What is driveway resurfacing?

When you decide to fix a cracked driveway or match the pathways around your home, hire Driveway Paving Company to get driveway renovation ideas. Select the best design and pattern that goes along with the exteriors of your home very well and transforms the look of your home aesthetically. 

How to know if your driveway needs to be resurfaced?

However, several factors must be considered while resurfacing the driveway, as all concrete types can’t be resurfaced. But if it is a good condition, there are chances that professionals can fix them. The resurfacing of driveways includes stenciled or stamped concrete and painted or sealed concrete. You can also look for refinishing asphalt driveway.

What if your driveway has cracks in it?

If there are cracks in the concrete, the resurfacing will depend on the size and depth of the crack. If the crack size is acceptable, professionals can assess it potentially and fill it appropriately. So, it is possible to resurface the cracks of the minor driveway. Still, there is no guarantee that they won’t reappear.

Suppose the cracks are more profound and prominent, and you cannot think properly. In that case, it will be better to consult a professional to deal with the situation correctly if you can discuss all the aspects of the work and get a quote from a trusted company like “central Florida paving.” 

What if your driveway requires paving or tiling?

If your driveway has pavers or tiles, it is necessary to get professional help as they must have to remove them to check the underneath surface. If the underneath surface entails a concrete slab, they will undoubtedly resurface them. 

What’s the process for resurfacing a concrete driveway?

Are you not sure what exactly resurfacing a driveway means? The following method includes four basic methods;

1. Preparation and cleaning of the concrete surface

This step includes the process of creating a stable, concrete surface. If the driveway has existing paint coating, professionals will ground it off first and then fix the cracks( if any). After that, they will use pressure cleaning to eliminate the extra dust due to grinding.

And if there is no paint coating, they will clean the surface using the “pressure cleaning “ method. 

2. Applying the base coat

After cleaning, they apply a thin layer of base coat over the concrete surface and screed it till it gets leveled. 

3. Applying the resurfacing compound

In the next step, they spray all over the surface using a single color to provide a textured finish, slip resistant according to the steepness and the environment of the driveway. They may also apply a second color to provide a flecked look and add depth and texture. If the client requires a beautiful design, they will use stencil or tape once the base coat gets dried. If you want a tailored design on your driveway, speak with the professionals. 

4. Sealing of the surface

Last, they will apply a CCS sealer to shield the newly resurfaced concrete driveway. The sealer is either a matt or semi-gloss.

Contact a professional paving company like Central Florida Paving, as they are one of the best paving companies. 

How long does it take to resurface a driveway?

The time depends on the job and the condition of the existing concrete. If the task is simple, it may take two days to complete; on the other hand, a complex task may take more than three days. Only professionals can provide actual time estimates after examining the site. 

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the job type and size; you can ask for price quotes from the tradesperson. They will tell after evaluating everything. However, it may range between $45-$65 per m².

Central Florida Paving is the ultimate choice if you are looking for driveway and pavings construction, maintenance, and repair works.


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